Postdoctoral Researcher

Departament d’Enginyeria QumicaMarketa_URV
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Av. Paisos Catalans, 26
43007 Tarragona, Spain
E Building, Office 216/ Lab. 223
Tel.: +34 977 55?96 04/ 977 55?85 60
Fax: +34 977 55 96?21

Dr. Marketa Svobodova (Czech Republic, 1981) received her degree in Biology with specialization in Anthropology and Human Genetic (2006) at Charles University (Czech Republic). She joined Interfibio Group as Ph.D. student (2008-2012) and gained experience with molecular biology techniques related to aptamer selection. Since 2012 she is working as Postdoctoral Researcher. In 2015 she received a Tecniospring/Marie Curie fellowship at URV in collaboration with 2bind company (Regensburg, Germany). Her research interests lie in the development of new aptamers, exploiting their unique properties and applications in diagnostic and therapeutic areas.


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