Assistant Professor

Reus (Tarragona), 1961

Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona
Master in Genetics, University of Barcelona
PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona at Tarragona

Associate professor in School of Chemical Engineering
Coordinator of Occupational Risk Prevention master
Associate professor in Chemistry Faculty
Assistant professor in Enology Faculty

Applied and environmental microbiology, molecular biotechnology, bioenergy.

Other relevant information
Dr. Constant?’s main research interests involve:

  • Nanoparticles biosynthesis;
  • Biohydrogen production;
  • Uranium bioremediation by bacteria;
  • Genomic and proteomic studies on oxygenate biodegradation;
  • MTBE/ETBE bioremediation by bacteria.
  • Valorization of biomass hydrolysis products